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's philosophy is based on our customer's total satisfaction; and on it, the Mission and the Vision of our company are focused.


Offer quality solutions in service for medical & informatic systems trying to satisfy our customer's needs and expectations, contributing in the development of their productive activities.


Become a leader company in the electronic engineering area, that represents an efficient and reliable alternative for medical organizations and other sectors requiring some services like provision, installation and maintenance for magnetic resonance systems, computed tomography systems, teleradiology systems and informatic equipment.


  • Quality .- Our products & services are excellence oriented.
  • Responsability .- We offer 100% guarantee in every realized work.
  • Professionalism.- The continuous Qualification and Investigation support our work.
  • Commitment .- Every project where we participate is done like ours.
  • Étics .- Our activities are regulated by moral principles.
  • Honesty .- Integrity, uprightness and confidence are part of our business.



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